Registration F.A.Q
You can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the registration of the program.
Q: Can you explain how to use [DigiBook® Update]?

[DigiBook® Update] is an automatic updating system. You can download an updated version only when there's an updated file on the server.

Activate DigiBook® Ver.10.
- Right click on the DigiBook® Bookshelf or Album to display the menu sheet.
- Click [DigiBook® Update] at the bottom of the menu sheet.
- Click [Yes] once you've confirmed the screen. The system will start the updating process.

Q: Can I change my password to log in my My Page account?
A: Yes. Open DigiBook® setting window, click Online Service button and select Change Online Registration.
Q: I tried updating DigiBook® but it wouldn't let me. What could be the problem?
A: Some security programs may prevent DigiBook® from obtaining data necessary to update your program. Please try to update your program with your security program turned off.
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