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Share & Preserve
DigiBook® gives you a number of ways to share your memories with almost anyone!
Burn them directly to CD/DVD, have them printed out in greeting cards and calendars.
Email photos to your friends, send albums or upload albums to DigiBook Album Gallery!
Enhance & Create
Show off your collection of photos by creating a Slideshow with over 50 different transition effects! You can also burn the slideshow onto a CD or DVD directly from the program. The slideshow on CD/DVD will be viewable on PCs without the program. Learn more>>
With DigiBook® 2005, you can create a Screensaver from your album with transition effects and sound or video just like a Slideshow.
Powerful Printing
DigiBook® lets you share your memories also in print the way you wish. Available printing options are 1. Print Album, 2. Print Calendar, 3. Print Catalog, and 4. Print Greetings


Album Delivery Service
  Upload your album to our album server, and invite your friends or family members to share the album!
Web Page Export
With DigiBook® creating a online photo gallery is much easier than you may think. You can even include an album file to the gallery, so anyone who visits your site will be able to download your album to view it on their own computers.
Learn more>>

Learn more about Album Delivery Service>>

Preserve your Memory!
Photo albums, Slideshow, Digibook... Let's burn them on a CD or DVD and share them with others! DigiBook® will add a stand-alone viewer to the output, so anybody can enjoy your master piece on their own computers without whether or not DigiBook® is installed on their PCs.
Save Album
You can save an album, including its layout, bookcover and any editing applied to this album for easy backup.
Export Viewer
Now with DigiBook® 2005 Pro, you can burn albums or a slideshow directly to a CD or DVD without leaving the program. Albums on a CD/DVD can be viewed on a PC without DigiBook® installed. Learn more>>
Save Backup
Now that you have created a number of albums, let's make a backup in case of unexpected PC trouble! DigiBook® makes it very easy to create backup. So, pop a CD in and preserve your precious memories! Learn more>>
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