Program Info
Enhance & Create
DigiBook® comes with many essential and useful editing tools. Fix photo flaws
automatically, rotate, resize, transform, crop, edit with an assortment of filters.
Also, you can apply the same editing to all or multiple images in an album to save time.

Auto Image Enhancement
Nobody's perfect! We all get photos come out in a way we didn't expect. With One Click Auto Enhancement, fixing flaws in your photos has never been easier.

Advanced Settings
- Default
- Landscape
- Indoor
- Sunset
- Night
- Backlight
- Underwater
Blurred Elipse
Cropping image
Effect Filters & Photo Editor
Apply a variety of filter effects or color modifications to enhance your precious pictures.
Effect Filters
- Average
- Median
- Sharp
- Noise
- Edige Enhance
- Emboss
- Invert
- Posterize
- Grayscale
- Oilify
- Blurrred Ellipse
- Diffuse
- Mosaic
- Earthquake
- Equalize
Editing Function
90°, 180°, 270°, free rotation(CW)
Flip vertical, horizontal
Transform spherer, column, wave1, wave2
Color brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma correct, RGB modification
  Karuta View®
One click to activate 'karuta view' ! Now you can see all the images in your album all together!
    Super Zoom
Fast and easy way to see details of your quality photo images! Move your mouse over to where you wish to see in details and hold your mouse down to Super Zoom it.
Once you've created a photo album, you can turn the album into a Digibook™ with just One Click and flip pages through like a real album.
Learn more about Digibook >>
DigiBook® lets your create Screansaver easily with your photos in an album!

Album Auto Flip
Let your album flip by itself to make a nice presentation.

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