Available Features
DigiBook® Photo Album Software - lets you easily bring in your digital photos
audios, and videos and organize them in albums and bookshelves in a real-life manner!
Import & Organize
DigiBook® v.11 Light (Free)
Create New Album (just as many as you need!)
Get images from memory card, or twain devices
Album Creation Wizard
Create multiple bookshelves to organize albums
Search photos by text/ file name, etc
Sort images in album
Tidy Album (remove empty pages or frames)
Combine/ Split Album
Load Backup File
Import Album
Add Bookmarks
Lock album with password


Create & Enhance
DigiBook® v.11 Light (Free)
Customize album/bookshelf theme with skins
(Extra skins for free download)
Edit Bookcover
Create Digibook
Fix photo flaws automatically
Image Editor, Filter Effects
Set up Wallpaper with album image
Super Zoom, Karuta View
View/ Export Slideshow
Create Screen Saver
Share & Preserve
DigiBook® v.11 Light (Free)
Save Album
Export albums to burn to CD/DVD*
Export Slideshow to burn to CD/DVD**
Create Slideshow Screensaver
Email Photos
Email Album
Album Delivery Service (Upload album) to share
Upload Albums to Online Gallery
Print Album, Calendar, Catalog
Send Greeting Card
Create Backup of all albums from all bookshelves
*Albums exported and burnt to a CD/DVD will play on PCs without DigiBook® installed thanks to the stand-alone viewer that comes with the data.
** Slideshow on a CD/DVD will also play on PCs without DigiBook®. However both albums or slideshow will only play on PCs, not on DVD players hooked up to a TV set.
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