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Input functions Preferences and other functions Output functions
Open Image file Add from Twain Send by E-mail Slideshow
Design Settings
Click the submenu on your right for reference
Bookshelf Settings
Add from Memory Card Add from Others Export Viewer Create Web Page
Album Settings
Tree View
Frame Settings
Open Album File Bookmark Print Save Album File
Menu Sheet
Add Spread Pgae Add a Frame Save Image File Copy to Clipboard
Add Clip Art Create Animation Edit
Album Creation Wizard Create New Album Wallpaper Create Greeting Card
Settings and Arrangement
Restore Backup Create Backup Automatically Enhance Image
When right click on Bookshelf Window
Click the sub menu on your right for reference
When right click on Album Spine
When right click on Spread Page
When right click on Frame
When right click on Internet Link Frame
Search Text DigiBook® Update Online Service
Help Delete Sound Close
Compatible Formats